Drum Lamp Shades

Bring a contemporary look to any room with a drum lamp shade. Elegantly designed for cylinder lamps with wide or round bases, the vertical sides feature a gentle incline toward the bottom to create a modern, sophisticated finish.

Finding the Perfect Drum Lampshade

When it comes to finding the perfect drum lampshade, there’s a lot to take into consideration. From the room and layout, to the ambiance you’re trying to achieve. In this comprehensive guide, we cover the top considerations for buying the perfect lampshade to uplift any room.

But first, what is a drum lamp shade, and why might you need one? Also known as a cylinder lamp shade, the modern design features vertical sides with a slight incline towards the bottom. The geometric shape emits light from the top and bottom in equal measure, making it ideal for all rooms, particularly studies, bedrooms, living rooms, libraries, and home offices.

With their pleasing aesthetic, drum lampshades bring a contemporary look and feel to any room, creating a bold style that will turn heads. Such is their versatility that you can find drum lamp shades in a host of styles, materials, and sizes, from 4x4x5 to larger 23x24x4 dimensions.

Whether you’re redecorating a room, upgrading a home, or moving into a new property, a drum lampshade is an important investment that can transform a space. When scouting for lampshades, the following points should  be considered:

The Room 

Every room has its own vibe, flow and feel to it. From the soothing tones of a bedroom to the functional brightness of a kitchen. Lighting plays a key role in achieving this mood, and due consideration needs to be given to the placement of the lampshade. 

Not only this, but try and understand the look you’re trying to achieve; contemporary and modern, vintage, opulent, rustic, or even minimalist. 

While there is no right or wrong, understanding the theme of the room will help identify the best drum lampshade for the space required.

The Lamp Base

If you’re furnishing an existing lamp base, you will have some restrictions to keep in mind. Before you even get into shades and patterns, it’s important to understand what size and shape lampshade will best suit the base.


As a rule of thumb, your drum lamp shade should be proportionate to the lamp and the room it’s placed in. If you don’t have dimensions on hand, simply measure the height and diameter of the lamp base. 

When in doubt, opt for the largest shade that the room allows - a hack that many interior designers use to create the illusion of space.


Your lampshade should be an extension of the room and its existing color palettes. Opt for tones that already feature in the room for a complementary look, or go bold for a striking contrast. 


Smooth or textured, paper or silk? Drum lampshades come in a variety of fabrics and materials to uplift a room. This can be influenced by the lamp base or inspired by the décor of the room (wallpaper, rugs, and upholstery). 

Decorating a Room With Drum Lampshades

Long considered a secret weapon in home design, drum lampshades have the ability to fill a lost space, uplift a room and breathe life into it. As with all good design, the shade, tone, and style of the lampshade should fit with the overall theme – but there are no hard and fast rules. 

Yes, you can match the lampshade to the curtains, rug, or carpet by material or color, but you can also create a focal piece by choosing contrasting tones as well. The ambition is to create a cohesive look - here are some insider tips for decorating success:

  • To achieve a formal look, opt for a tall narrow drum lamp shade.
  • Eclectic style is very on-trend. You can experiment by mixing and matching varying shades and sizes to see what achieves the best balance. 
  • Drum lampshades are excellent for creating accent lighting, as well as drawing the eye to specific features – from artworks to soft furnishings. Use lighting to your advantage.
  • Floor drum lamps should not be overwhelming but complementary to the room. They’re excellent for showcasing high ceilings and pieces of stand-alone furniture.
  • You can use lampshades in every room to add ambiance and personality.

Get Advice on Drum Lamp Shades  

While there is certainly no shortage of drum lamp shades on the market, you’ll always find a distinct difference in quality and style with Just Shades.

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