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String Lamp Shades

Beautifully woven strands of string come together to create a string lampshade. Light up any space with its textured look and feel - ideal for crystal, glass, or oriental lamps. The soft-back lining creates a luminous effect that’s sure to impress.

Find the Perfect String Lampshade

Whether you’re partial to contemporary chic or modern minimalism, a string lampshade is an ideal choice for lighting up a room. As far as home decor goes, string lampshades deliver a classic style, adding a warm and creative personality to any room, regardless of placement.

Woven strands of string are elegantly wrapped around a soft backing to prevent any leaks of light while keeping their form. The rich texture and refined look work well together, especially with ornate lamps.

So, whether you’re looking for the best types of lampshades for your living room, re-master the master bedroom, or add character to your front hall, you’ll find a string lampshade that will achieve it masterfully.

A modern string lampshade is noted for its wrapped material frontage, but there’s much more to this subtle style than first meets the eye. Here are a few points to think about when shopping for a string lamp shade.

Measure Your Lamp

Due diligence goes a long way when it comes to lighting your space. Measure your lamp in advance, keeping in mind that proportions matter. As a rule of thumb, the height of your lamp should be divided into three, with the lamp shade occupying a third of this.

Consider the style of the lamp and how this might work with a modern string lamp shade. Although there are no hard and fast rules, string lamp shades work particularly well with crystal or glass lamps, especially those with a nod to oriental design.

Consider the Space

Before investing in a string lamp shade, give some thought to its placement, as this will help to determine the color scheme and style.

For instance, a crystal light fixture might work well in a reception area, which lends itself to a soft style, while string lamp shades placed in a bedroom might benefit from a neutral color, such as off-white or tan.

The Importance of Texture

Material plays a subtle but essential role in a room’s ambiance, from textured wallpaper to plush throws and velvet curtains. A modern string lampshade is another addition to add to the mix, helping to create an inviting space.

For instance, a brown woven string lampshade is the ideal way to add rustic charm to a scaled-back living room, while a straw-wrapped lampshade adds the perfect balance to a work area. Don’t underestimate the value your string lamp shade will bring.

Optimizing Color

In color theory, we learn that contrasting colors help to create a ‘wow’ factor, while complementary tones deliver subtle sophistication. Putting this into practice, consider the color of your string lamp shade and how it can enhance your room.

Do you want your lampshade to be a focal point? If so, don’t hold back on bold, confident colors. Conversely, if you want your lampshade to be a supporting feature, opt for colors that will blend within the current color scheme.

Whatever you choose, color can help you effortlessly bring your room to life.

Decorating With String Lampshades

Once you’ve chosen your lampshade, you’ll want to optimize it to full effect; here are a few ways to achieve this:

  • Remember that your string lamp shade is more than just lighting. It’s a reflection of your home’s personality and style, so don’t hold back on colors or design.
  • A string lampshade can create a soothing, seductive space with the right light bulb. Experiment with different wattage and tones and see just how impactful this can be.
  • String lampshades can cast stunning patterns when lit up – use this to your advantage by placing them in unique spaces – preferably uncluttered.

Get Advice on String Lampshades

If you’re planning to level up your living space with a touch of style and charm, a string lampshade can help to enhance a space.

Whether you’re aiming for a cozy corner or a well-lit room, it’s an important investment. If you’re struggling with the finer details, then call upon the experts

Contact us for more advice on how to make your string lampshade the perfect furnishing for your space.


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