Luxurious living room with a blue couch and green pillows, illuminated by a Mica Empire Floor Lamp Shade. Luxurious living room with a blue couch and green pillows, illuminated by a Mica Empire Floor Lamp Shade.

Shown in image: Mica Empire Floor Lamp Shade

Empire Lamp Shades

This style lamp shade exhibits a straight gentle slope from the top of the lampshade to the bottom. It's the most versatile type of shade and works well on nearly every lamp style, including ginger jar table lamps.

Finding the Right Empire Lamp Shade

Good lighting is one of the best ways to optimize space and make it feel more bright, homely, and inviting. Empire lampshades have long been the go-to for home decoration, offering the perfect balance of style and function. 

But, even for the humble lampshade, there are a number of factors to take into consideration before buying. In this helpful guide, we’ll cover everything you need to know.


With empire lamp shades, the gradient of the slope can vary; nonetheless, it always creates a sleek finish, omitting more light at the bottom. This makes the style particularly popular as a reading light and is versatile in all rooms, especially bedrooms, studies, lounges, and hallways.

There are many styles, textures, and tones of empire lampshades to suit all settings, regardless of the lamp base design.

Today there’s more choice than ever before, so knowing the key features will help make an informed decision. 

The Room

Are you looking to spruce up a space, create a homely feel, or perhaps transform an unused corner of a room? Whatever your intention for investing in an empire lampshade, knowing its purpose will serve you well. 

For instance, monochrome print works well in dining room settings, whilst neutral hues are perfect for bringing balance and serenity to your living room. Pleated styles give a traditional feel, while textured tones offer a more contemporary look.

Size and height

Perhaps most important of all is knowing the place the lampshade will occupy. You might want something bold and striking as a centerpiece in your lounge or, conversely, something more neutral for a bedroom setting. 

Measure your lamp base to know the perfect width of the shade. Keep in mind the rule that the perfect lampshade height should be about three-quarters the height of the base. 


Whatever colors you choose, they should reflect the existing palette of the room, helping to deliver a seamless, cohesive look.


Likewise, textures should be complementary to the existing look and feel of the room. Silk offers a luxurious rich material that’s ideal for a boudoir feel. For something more versatile, linen makes the perfect choice with its soft subtle tones. 

Much the same, cotton offers an elegant finish, ideal for bedrooms and suites. A popular choice for creating a rustic feel is tweed and wool – this rich material offers a subtle hint of luxury even when the lights are turned off.

Decorating With Empire Lampshades

We all know that good lighting is essential for creating a comfortable and inviting living space. Whether you’re working in your home office, watching television, or entertaining guests, lighting sets the tone for the occasion. 

Equally as important as choosing the right lampshade is choosing the right place for it too. Here are some insider tips for decorating success:

When in doubt, keep in mind this one decorating rule: the aim is to create a harmonious, balanced space that your empire lampshade enhances.

A corner table is a natural place for your empire lampshade to live, especially if it’s serving a function such as a reading light. This being the case, choose lighter colors to allow the light to travel. 

The lamp can equally provide a focal point if you’re looking to create a lively space. In this case, choose solid colors and textures that tie in with the soft furnishings around it. 

Use the lampshade to reflect the broader textures and shades within the room, tying it together seamlessly.

Get Advice on Empire Lamp Shades  

Considering the important role that your lampshade will play in the aesthetic of your home, it’s worth considering it as an investment piece. 

For this reason, it’s beneficial to shop with a trusted industry leader that specializes in lighting solutions. In many ways, they’ve done the hard work for you with their curated product line to choose from. 

If you need more help on finding the perfect empire lampshades, contact us for more information. 


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