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Black Lamp Shades

A collection of black colored lamp shades in all shapes, styles, and fabrics. Updated regularly. Check back for more, contact us for a custom shade, or visit us in store!

Find the Perfect Black Lampshade

The black lampshade is a canvas for personal expression. It adapts to individual preferences, reflecting one's style and personality. Its versatility allows it to seamlessly blend into any space, transcending decor boundaries and making it stand out among other lampshades.

Though black lampshades have an impressive range of utility, it still helps to pick the right one. A lampshade has to be functional, visually pleasing, and have the proper illumination for the room it will be placed in.

Whether in a minimalist room or a room that screams with opulence, a black lampshade can blend in perfectly; their allure lies in how they effortlessly elevate any room despite its design or theme.

Use our Five Steps to Choosing the Right Lampshade for more information.

Decorating With a Black Lamp Shade

When decorating your space with a black lampshade, consider the following criteria:

The Style of the Room

Black lampshades are versatile, effortlessly complementing various colors in interior design schemes.
In a contemporary space, square or rectangular furniture or accessories with sharp corners give a clean and sleek modern appearance.

Cylindrical or drum black lamp shades are the most versatile. They can blend with any design, while oval-shaped shades may suit small spaces or rooms with a more narrow layout. Pleated, string, or black stick lamp shades are the best for traditional settings.


The choice of a black lampshade should align with the specific spot it will occupy. A black drum lampshade can be used for larger floor lamps, while black rectangle lampshades often make a great impression on end tables or desks.

For illumination and ambience, the material of the lampshade matters. Table lamps are usually used on reading tables or bedside tables, but the material of the lampshade should be different for these two spots.

The materials of lampshades determine their opacity, and the opacity determines how light will be diffused. Black lamp shades for lamps on a reading table should be opaque so that the light will not be scattered but instead concentrated on the area of focus.

On the other hand, a bedside lamp should have dim lights that warmly diffuse light; a more transparent black lampshade made with fabric like silk can be used.

Get Advice on Black Lampshades

The black lampshade remains an enduring symbol of sophistication in a world that often chases fleeting trends. It defies time, transcends passing sensations, and continues to exude an air of taste and elegance.

Feel free to contact us if you need help selecting the perfect black lampshade for your needs.


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