A living room with a white couch and a painting, illuminated by oval lamp shades. A living room with a white couch and a painting, illuminated by oval lamp shade.

Shown in image: Linen Retro Oval

Oval Lamp Shades

Oval lampshades are ovular shaped, with a narrow depth, making them the perfect choice for small spaces. Oval lamp shades come in different styles, colors, and textures and are ideal for decorating entryways, tables, and other small areas.

Finding the Perfect Oval Lampshade

Oval lampshades have a closed ovular form and are used when the base lamp is of the same shape or when the lamp is being used in a tight space.

When looking for the perfect oval lampshade, there are several things to consider, like the proportion, placement, color, material, and aesthetic. To help make the choice easier, below is some additional information on each factor to consider when trying to select the perfect oval lampshade.

The Room 

The first thing to consider is the room where you’ll use the lampshade and the design. For instance, the oval lamp shade is the perfect choice if you are going for a traditional look in the living room. It goes with different design schemes, and you can decorate the lamp and lamp shade to your taste.

The amount of space the room has is also a crucial factor to consider. If you have limited space and want space-saving lighting without compromising your style and aesthetics, an oval lamp shade is a great option. Oval lamp shades are also great for table lamps in your living area or bedroom.

The Lamp Base 

The lamp base is another crucial element to consider, and it must pair well with the oval lampshade you choose. There are different oval lamp shade styles, like the drum oval shades, bell oval shades, inverted corner oval shades, etc.

Measurement is also important. To get the appropriate oval-shaped lampshade measurement, measure the width of the short side and the length of the long side. Measure the top and bottom length, slant height, and fitter drop. The fitter drop is topside, where the shade attaches to the lamp base.

Also, measure the lamp base using a tape measure from the height of the lamp base to the top of the bulb socket. You should also measure the width. Measuring the base of the lamp and the lamp shade is essential to avoid purchasing mistakes. If you buy your lampshade in-store, you can take your lamp base with you, this way you can properly pair it with the right oval lampshade, and experiment with different options before purchasing.


Your style and where you want to use the oval lampshade determines the type of color to go for. If where you’ll place the lamp is not a defining factor, you might want to go for a lampshade with big and bold patterns. Lampshades with sunset hues and floral prints are perfect for contemporary designs.

If your taste changes over time, you can change the color of your lampshade. You can also switch the color based on the season or if the decor in your home changes.


The final factor to consider when looking for the perfect oval lampshade is the texture. Thankfully, there are various options, from linen, cotton, silk, parchment, etc. The texture is important when considering the lamp's placement and aesthetic and how often you’ll change your lampshade.

For example, if you want to change your oval lampshade for table lamps frequently, use textures like cotton or linen. If you won’t switch lampshades often and want something luxurious and durable, go for velvet or silk. Finally, consider how easy the material is to clean.

Decorating With Oval Lampshades 

As mentioned, oval lampshades are often used in areas with little spacing since they are more narrow, so you can use them to cover the ceiling light in your entryway or a lamp on a foyer table. Additionally, you can use oval lampshades to cover your desk or bedside lamps. However, oval lamp shades can be versatile and used as beautiful accent pieces even when the space is ample, so feel free to experiment with different looks until you find what fits!


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