Blue Lamp Shades

Transform your space with our diverse collection of blue lampshades featuring various shapes, styles, and high-quality fabrics. We regularly update our selection of lamp shades and even offer our customers the option of custom designs.

Finding the Perfect Blue Lamp Shade

Like all lamp shades, blue lamp shades are decorative covers or fixtures that encase the light source of a lamp, adding a stylish and often colorful element to the lighting in a room.

Lamp shades generally come in various shapes, sizes, and materials. They can be crafted from all kinds of fabrics and other materials, allowing for diverse textures and patterns.

The Size of the Lampshade

To get the perfect size lampshade, the first thing to do is measure the height and width of your lamp base.

This is important in order for your lampshade to appear proportional to the lamp base. The general rule of thumb is that your lampshade should be approximately:

  • Twice as wide as the base of your lamp
  • One-third of the total height of the lamp

Note that if you can't find the exact measurement for your lampshade, it is typically better to go for the larger option that you have, so that it at least fits over the bulb onto your lamp. Then, if the lampshade sits too low on your lamp, you can always use additional hardware to get the right fit, such as a riser, which allows you to adjust the height at which your shade sits on your lamp.

The Material of the Lampshade

In deciding on the material for your lampshade, you should choose based on how you plan to use the lamp the lampshade will be used for. This is necessary because different fabrics have different translucency, meaning that they let different amounts of light shine through. For instance, fabrics that are made from more translucent materials are great for reading and adding ambient light to a space. On the other hand, lamp shades made from more opaque materials are better for setting a mood and highlighting objects.

In essence, more translucent materials allow more light to pass through them, while more opaque materials do not.

The Shape of the Lampshade

Generally, the shape of your lampshade should be the same as that of the lamp base, whether it be rectangular, cylinder, round, square, bell, etc.

However, if you are in doubt about the shape to choose, especially for table lamps , a rounded shape is often the safest option.

In a hallway, where there may be limited space; oval or rectangular lampshades may fit better and take less space.

Decorating with Blue Lamp Shades

Here are some of the best tips to keep in mind as you decorate with blue lampshades:

Think About Your Overall Space

As you match and mix your blue lampshades with other design elements of your space, take into account how you want to use the space, and the atmosphere you want to create.

Do you want a calm and peaceful space, or something more lively? Is it a bedroom or a sitting room? All of these factors inform how you should decorate with your lampshades.

Use Different Tones

There are many shades of blue, and you can match them together to create a harmonious and calm effect. For instance, you could use one tone of blue lamp shades for table lamps and another shade for the walls or chandeliers.

Also, you can experiment with different patterns and styles of blue lamp shades to give your space a visual depth.

Get Advice on Choosing Your Blue Lamp Shade

Blue lamp shades are easily one of the most exciting choices that people choose to complete their home decor. After all, with the level of tranquility and atmosphere that they can infuse into any room, it makes sense that blue lamp shades would be widely used in interior decorating.

Contact us for more advice on how to make your blue lampshade the perfect furnishing for your space!