Finials are functional-yet-decorative caps for lamps, enhancing the aesthetic while securing the lamp shade to the lamp. Ranging from functional brass spheres to whimsical designs such as monkeys or elephants, a well-chosen finial is a great way to express your style, secure your lamp, and complete the look of your lamp shade.

Find the Perfect Finial for Your Lamp

Aesthetically, a finial can be referred to as the “cherry on top” for lamps, but it is so much more than that. Finials perform a vital function for the types of lamps that use them. A finial is like a focal point that sits on top and connects all of the parts of a lamp. This finial helps to balance the lamp shade and secure it to the harp – a U-shaped metal wiring which surrounds the bulb in the lamp and acts as a connector between the lamp and the lamp shade.

Lampshade finials come in different forms, shapes, materials, and sizes. They can be decorated or plain. They can come in the form of animals such as horses or dogs, or look plant-like, like a clover or flower. Material-wise, finials can be glass, brass, ceramic, wood, metal, or ornamental stones like malachite.

You will find that this small accessory can significantly impact the aesthetic of your lamp. Even if you already have a lamp with or without a finial, you can utilize different finials to switch up the look of your lamp from time to time. You don’t need to keep changing lamps for a new look; you can keep changing finials.

Although small, they can have enough presence to change the entire look of a lamp. However, it is important that you find the right finial for your lamp in order to illuminate your space with flair and finesse.

Understand the Power of Details

Paying attention to details is a crucial part of interior design, and a finial is an important detail. Although they might look insignificant at first glance, they are ornamental toppings with the capacity to elevate ordinary lamps to extraordinary ones.

Matching Decor

Your choice of finial should go with the decor of your space. If your home has a modern look, a minimalistic elegance, or a bohemian style, there is a finial out there that will be perfect for each style; for example, for a vintage setting, ensure you pair it with a vintage-looking finial.


Material, size, and proportion should be considered when looking for the right finial for your lamp. Finials come in various materials that each have their own distinctive charm. Pay attention to texture, weight, and shine.

The material also affects the lamp's visual allure. Some popular materials to consider are rustic wood, sleek metal, modern acrylic, or stylish glass. The proportion and size of each finial also matters. The finial can be a great accent piece and contribute nicely to your overall look, but it shouldn’t outweigh or outshine the rest of the lamp and lamp shade; it should simply compliment it in both appearance and size.

Personalization and Functionality

Finials do not have to be just decorative tops; they can also tell stories and reflect your personality to give that unique personal touch.

However, while looking at the aesthetically pleasing side, you should not forget the function of these finials. Sometimes finials play an important part as stabilizers; they ensure the lamp shades are properly placed and balanced, while others double with a swivel feature that makes it easier to adjust how the lampshade sits on the lamp.

Complete the Look with the Right Finial

When decorating your home, tiny details like a finial can complete the picture; sometimes they even make the most significant difference. For instance, you may have picked out the perfect vintage lampshade and base for your vintage-themed bedroom, but the brushstroke that will tie the entire masterpiece together could be a vintage finial.

Imagine a coastal-inspired decor; a seashell, sea turtle, or starfish finial can upgrade the coastal aesthetic and add a really cool, unique element to catch your eye. These tiny adornments are perfect transformative elements that can be just the right thing to complete the look of your space.

Get Advice on Finials

If you want to add a touch of elegance, personality, and that ‘extra’ in ‘extraordinary’ to your decor, you’ve come to the right place.

Together, we can help you navigate the world of finials and give you advice on how to choose and make the most of these finials for your lamp and your space.

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