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Orange Lamp Shades

A collection of orange colored lamp shades in all shapes, styles, and fabrics. Updated regularly. Check back for more, contact us for a custom shade, or visit us in store!

Find the Perfect Orange Lamp Shade

Browse through our collection and find the perfect lampshade. But before you do, below we outline the important factors that you need to consider when shopping for these shades, to ensure you make the right selection for your space.

The Room

The first thing to consider when selecting a lampshade is the room it will occupy.

Here are some questions you may want to ask yourself:

  • How big is the room?
  • Is the room wider or longer?
  • Is there enough space to add a contrasting lampshade, such as one in an orange color?

For example, if you’re looking to add some light to a room that is longer than it is wide, oval lamp shades are a great choice. The reason is that they allow the lamp and its shape to follow through with the shape of your room.

The Lamp Base

If your lamp base is a more classic or traditional shape, it may work with several different lampshade shapes. However, if your lamp base is a more unique shape, that can make choosing a shape a bit tricky.

Find out how to choose the right lampshade here.


If you browse through this page, you’ll see that we have a range of small and large lampshades. The one that you decide on will depend on where you plan on placing the lampshade and the dimensions of your room.

Remember that lampshades can be used to add a contrasting color to your interior space, or become the centerpiece of the room if that’s your goal!

The Color

There are different hues of orange. Some are lighter, while some are darker. If you’re looking for your lampshade to stand out in the room, the brighter the orange, the better.

However, if you want your lampshade to make a more subtle impression, you should opt for a darker orange.


Our orange lampshades are mostly made from classic linen, perfect for brightening any room.

This can be accentuated by either the lamp base or by the decor of the room, such as the wallpaper, a rug, or the upholstery.

Decorating With an Orange Lampshade

The lampshade you decide to use as part of your home’s decor can play an instrumental role in the overall aesthetic of your interior.

During the day, your orange lampshade can act as a contrasting piece, adding a touch of vibrant color against neutral backgrounds or complementing other warm tones in the room.

The boldness of the orange fabric can draw the eye and serve as a focal point. This is especially true if the lampshade is placed in an area filled with natural light during the day.

In the evening, when the lamp is illuminated, it will cast a warm and comfortable glow, creating a cozy atmosphere - making it the perfect choice for creating a serene space for relaxing or entertaining guests.

Get Advice on Orange Lampshades

If you’re currently sitting on the fence and don’t know which of our lamp shades to go for, we recommend that you check out our article on the five steps to choosing the right lamp shade .

If you want to go a bit deeper and increase your overall knowledge of shopping for lamp shades, you can also learn more about our shades . You’ll find a lot of useful information on our products, why and when they are used, and other key information about how the different colors, shapes, and fabrics can influence the overall look of your indoor space.


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