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Square Lamp Shades

Square lamp shades are a popular choice for box-style lamps, with clean straight lines and a stylish contemporary feel. You can also pair them with other lamp bases for a more contrasting and striking look, depending on your style.

Find the Perfect Square Lamp Shade

With good lighting, rooms can appear larger, more spacious, and certainly more elegant.

Good lighting is also responsible for creating an ambiance, mood, and feel, allowing you to transform a space with very little effort.

What perhaps sets the square lamp shade apart from other styles is its sleek, clean design. This geometrically aesthetic shade adds a touch of modern sophistication to any space in your home. This includes home offices, living rooms, dining rooms, and bedrooms.

Whether you’re considering different options, or have your heart set on a square lamp shade, here are a few key things to note. From the placement in a room, to different textures, here we ‘shine a light’ on some key elements to consider when investing in your next square lamp shade.

The Room

A key element to consider is the room your lamp shade will occupy. Bedrooms, for instance, require more subtle styles to create an effortlessly calm oasis, while dining spaces have the potential to be avant-garde.

Give your square lamp shade a center stage, and it can own space. But placing it in a crowded space where it competes for attention, and its appeal may be overshadowed. This is why visualizing is an essential task. While considering the dynamic of the room, look at other soft furnishings in the space; chairs, paintings, wallpaper, carpet, and other décor within the room.

Ultimately, you want to create a space where all elements work cohesively together and not against each other.


You might also want to consider the function of your square lamp shade. Will it function as a reading light, or will it add a talking point in the room? Whatever you decide, this will help you determine the style of lamp shade that works best within the confines of the space.

Size and Height

Another important factor to keep in mind is the size and height of the lamp. If you’re looking for a table lamp, then the height of the lamp shade should be about three-quarters the length of the base.

Conversely, if you’re working with a square lamp shade for a standing lamp, look at the height of the base from top to bottom, and aim for a shade about a quarter of this height.

Above all, trust your eye – it has to work well within the room, and your judgment shouldn’t be overlooked.


As with all lamp shades, colors and styles come down to personal preference, and a square lamp shade is no different. What is most important is how the lamp shade will work in harmony with other objects in the room, from the color of the walls to the carpet.

Try to achieve a sense of balance by matching colors or, conversely, using your lamp shade to add a bold pop of color to the room.


It’s true, lamp shades come in a whole host of colors, textures, and styles. Want to create a luxe feel? A fabric like silk will add texture and character to your lamp. However, if you’re simply looking to keep it practical, cotton and linen work particularly well, especially in bedroom settings.

Decorating With Square Lamp Shades

Once you’ve chosen your lamp shade, it’s time to bring it to life. Here are a few helpful tips to help you maximize soft furnishing to its potential.

  • Square lamp shades, given their stylish and sleek design, can be quite striking. Use them to their potential as an eye-catching statement. They act as a strong focal point in any room and can create a fun talking point.
  • On the same note, this allows you some creative freedom to go bold. Square lamp shades provide the perfect opportunity to try out new and polarizing color schemes within a room. Many people mix and match their lamp shades with different seasons, for instance.
  • Small square lamp shades are ideal as reading lights, offering a touch of elegance and formality to a room. These are ideal for home offices and reception spaces.

Get Advice on Square Lamp Shades

The above points can be used as a guide in finding the best square lamp shade for your needs. However, it can also be beneficial to speak to a trusted supplier in the industry, such as ourselves, if you need some extra guidance, particularly for larger projects.

Contact us for more information on square lamp shades.


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