Home Decor Ideas for Your Vacation Home

Posted on October 04, 2023

Decoration can transform a space, turning a vacation home into a dreamy escape that immediately puts you in the mood for relaxation. And many of the most effective decor ideas are easily achievable on modest budgets - making them perfect for vacation home redesigns. 

Whether you’re thinking of renovating a snowy chalet in the mountains or you’ve got a beachfront pad that’s crying out for some attention, there are a few interior design and lighting tips that you need to know about.  

In this article, we’ll take you through some of our favorite ideas, from the top trends to consider, to lighting tricks that are guaranteed to make your space truly stunning.

Interior Design Ideas for Your Home

Our go to design ideas that we always fall back on when redecorating at home, of course, apply to vacation homes too. 


No matter how big or small your vacation property is, there are a few design ideas that’ll make all the difference - whatever your budget happens to be. 


Here are three of our design team’s top ideas, perfect for winter escapes and summer vacation spots.

A cozy living room with a standing wood lamp and matching lampshade

Less is More

If there’s one interior design lesson everyone needs to know about, it’s this one: Less is more. By that, we mean that you don’t always have to go overboard to create the vacation home of your dreams. 


Of course, some prefer maximalist design while others will favor minimalist looks, but if you’re planning to design a vacation space that works on a practical and aesthetic level, less really is more. 


Creating an understated look takes more work than many realize, but it’s really just a case of being clear about how you’d like a space to look and feel. 


Think about the impression you want your vacation home to give, and consider a handful of focal points to create your design scheme around. Before long, you’ll have created a tranquil space that’s perfect for those days when you really want to get away from it all.

Color Tones 

Never underestimate the impact different color schemes will have on your vacation home design. Color has a huge effect on our moods, and that means that your choice of color palette will affect how people feel as they move through the finished space. 


This is where the style of vacation home design you’re thinking of really comes into play. We often see warmer colors being used in mountain chalets and hidden forest retreats, as these colors tend to make us feel cozy and comfortable. 


By contrast, cooler colors such as blues and greens tend to appear more often in beachfront properties, as they encourage us to relax and unwind.

Design Trends

Whether you follow the latest design trends or not, it’s always worth reading up on the styles of the moment - because you never know when inspiration might hit. 


We’d never suggest redecorating your vacation home every time a new trend takes over, but there’s no reason not to create a design that takes inspiration from the latest trends if you like them. 

Don’t be afraid of choosing something that might go out of style in a few years. No home decor ideas are truly timeless, so be bold in your choices and create a vacation home that suits you and the company you’ll be entertaining. 


Look for design suggestions that are multi-functional, and make sure you keep an eye out for practical tips that’ll give your space a little something extra. Take multi-use furnishings, for example, or partitions that can be used to create extra accommodation for guests when you need it - and taken away to extend your living space when you don’t. 


Little ideas like these have the potential to take your vacation home to the next level, ensuring that your whole family gets the most out of the space whenever it’s in use.

Popular Lighting Ideas for Vacation Home Decor

Lighting should be used to transform the atmosphere of any space. 


Hugely important in planning the decor of vacation homes, lighting can create a party atmosphere, set the mood for relaxation, or even make a space appear bigger than it really is. It’s just a case of choosing the right lighting for the style you have in mind. 


Some of the most popular lighting ideas for holiday home decor include chandeliers and standing lamps for a luxurious look and feel, along with table lamps and carefully chosen lampshades designed to set the mood for those long-awaited vacation weeks.

A white wooden dresser with a matching white lamp and lampshade sitting on top

Chandelier Lampshades 

Chandeliers make a wonderful focal point in any vacation home, but sometimes the light emitted by these fittings can feel too harsh in a space that’s only used for the holidays. 


So why not defuse some of that light and soften the look with a chandelier lampshade? 

Our range of chandelier lamp shades works perfectly with chandelier light fittings and are ideal for vacation homes where the lighting needs to be subtle and relaxing. If you have a peaceful and serene space in mind, these could be the shades for you.

Standing Lamps 

Standing lamps are elegant and well-suited to both traditional and more modern design schemes. Just pay attention to the shape of the lamp itself and choose a shade that elevates the overall look of your light. 


We love seeing standing lamps used as a focal point in vacation homes. Incorporating lighting like this into your design is one of the easiest and most effective holiday home decor ideas you can think of. With their flexibility to work with so many different design schemes, they often won’t need replacing even if you choose to change your decor in a few year's time.

Table Lamps 

If you’re short of space or simply need a little more lighting in your vacation home, a table lamp is a great option. Like standing lamps, table lamps come in an endless array of shapes and sizes, so you’ll have no trouble finding one that works with the other vacation home decor ideas you have in mind. 


Think about where your table lamp will be placed before deciding on a lampshade, as the shape you pick will make a huge difference to how the lamp looks in its new home. 


Consider options like oval or bell shades if you’re short of space, or opt for an eye-catching modern shape to draw the eye as soon as you enter the room. 

A cozy living room with black and wood accents, with a matching lamp and lampshade beside the couch

Drum Lampshades 

Featuring vertical sides with a slight incline, the drum lamp shade has a bold, modern look that works well with many of the latest design trends. So, if you have a contemporary design in mind and you’re looking for lighting that will really set the mood of your space, a drum lampshade is a great way to go. 

Drum lamp shades work best with certain base shapes, so think about how the two will look together before making any decisions. We recommend that you choose a drum lamp shade if you have a round base or if the base of your lamp is particularly wide. Both of these types of bases lend themselves well to drum shades.

Empire Lampshades

An empire lampshade is one that slopes gently from the top of the lampshade to the bottom. These shades are incredibly versatile and tend to look brilliant when paired with almost any type of base. 


So, if you’ve already got the base and you’re looking for a new shade that goes with your vacation home decor ideas, you can’t go wrong with an empire lampshade. 

Empire lamp shades come in a huge range of different styles, with plenty of fabric options available to choose from. Your choice of fabric will make a real difference to the atmosphere the finished lamp creates in your space, so choose wisely - bearing in mind the overall home decor style you’re hoping to achieve.


The Importance of Vacation Home Decor 

Many of us don’t pay nearly as much attention to home decor in our vacation homes as we would in the properties we live in for the majority of the year. But in our opinion, that’s a big mistake. 


Home decor is just as important in dictating how we feel when we spend time in a space while we’re on vacation as it is in our own homes. Even if you’re not planning to spend much time in your vacation home during your break, it’s still worth taking the time to create a space that’s designed to help you relax and make the most of your time off.

Some of the most effective home decor ideas are remarkably inexpensive, so there’s no need to break the bank as you decorate your vacation home. Often, it’s just a case of spending time thinking about how you’d like the space to feel - and then making it happen. 


Don’t forget, eye-catching decor can also make your vacation home more attractive to potential renters, too. So, if you’re planning on renting out your property while you’re not using it, you’ve got even more reason to turn your hand to a little DIY to get it looking as good as possible!


Get Advice on Holiday Home Decor Ideas

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