Paper Box Rectangle

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This box hard-backed rectangle is modern and chic, and sure to change the look of your interior. Its paper material is translucent.

Color: Vanilla
Paper Box Rectangle
Paper Box Rectangle
Size: (6.5x9.5)x(7x10)x8

How To Choose The Right Lampshade

Measure your shade

Measurement Shown As: (Top Depth x Top Length) x (Bottom Depth x Bottom Length) x Side (Height)

Example: (6.5x9.5) x (7x10) x 8

If you are replacing an existing lampshade it may help to measure it first. Start by measuring the top depth and length, then the bottom depth and length (this will usually be similar to the top dimensions, but not exactly the same!), and then finish by measuring the slant/height along the side.

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