Acrylic Diffusers

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Frosted white acrylic diffusers are generally used on the top of the shade to direct the light downward, and to cover the top of the shade so that one is not looking down into the lightbulb. In some instances, such as with a hanging pendant, it covers the bottom of the shade so that the bulbs are not visible and glare is reduced.
We generally recommend a diffuser that is 1 inch smaller than the top or bottom diameter of the shade.

Size: 12 inches

How To Choose The Right Lampshade

Measure your shade

Measurement Shown As: Top x Bottom x Side (Height)

Example: 6 x 12 x 9

If you are replacing an existing lampshade it may help to measure it first. Start by measuring the widest part (diameter) of the top and bottom of your shade, then finish by measuring the slant/height along the side.

Bell Lamp Shade Measurements