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Customer return shipping instructions

Occasionally damages can occur during shipping. If your shipment appears to be damaged, please contact us immediately. Take pictures of the outer box and contents, and do not discard any of the shipping materials; they must be inspected during the claim process.

If you wish to return shades to us for any other reason, please contact us for a RMA number before sending anything. Wrapped shades returned to us in salable condition are refundable. Unwrapped shades are non-refundable. We are not responsible for return shipping unless you’ve received an incorrect item. In that case we can send you a return shipping label.


If possible, please re-use the box the shades came in and the shipping materials. Lampshades are extremely fragile, so care must be taken to insulate shades from the box itself. Crumpled packing paper should surround the shade on all sides. If returning multiple shades of the same style that can be stacked or nested together, several inches of paper should be inserted between them. Shades can be easily damaged during shipping if nested without a paper buffer. Please do not use packing peanuts or any form of Styrofoam! Those are good insulators for heavy objects – but too unforgiving to cushion lampshades.

Please mark the RMA number clearly on the outside of the box.

Thank you!


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