Hexagonal Lampshades


We carry Hexagon Lampshades in a Hard-backed style as well as in String and Mica. If you do not see your size or color listed, please call (212) 966-2757 or (203) 681-2757 or email us to discuss everything we have available, or shop online.

Hexagon Lampshade Styles & Sizes

All Sizes in Inches: (Top Diameter) x (Bottom Diameter) x Side

Hard-Backed Hexagon Sizes & Colors

Available in: Black Paper with Gold Interior; Bone and Eggshell Slubless Fabric, Charcoal Textured Linen

String Hexagon Sizes and Colors

Available in: Off-White and Taupe String

Mica Hexagon Sizes and Colors

Available in Amber Mica

Something missing? If you do not see the size and color that you need for your lamp and room, call us at (212) 966-2757 or (203) 681-2757 or email us with your specs for a Hexagon Lampshade. As always, you can also talk with us about a custom lampshade.